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European Union Can Guarantee to Spain a Better Future

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Essay Preview: European Union Can Guarantee to Spain a Better Future

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Okay, so now I’m going to talk about if the European Union can guarantee to Spain a better future. First of all, we are going to see the arguments in favor of that:

  • The first point is that Spain has better bargaining power with countries outside the European Union: for example, Spain exports and imports a lot with the USA: in this picture, we can see the numbers, Spain exports around 15 Billions of Euros to the USA and imports around 11 Billions from the USA and being part from the European Union it’s a positive point to negotiate with them and another countries.
  • Another advantage is that the euro is a stable currency and it offers many advantages: for example, this year the countries of the euro area have saved 50 billion euros because of the monetary policy of the European Central Bank.
  • Also, a good point is that the European Union supports the less developed regions with the European funds, which are very important for the development of Spain. Also, Spain has some economic security for the future because it knows that if they would be in a difficult economic situation it will be supported by the European Union.
  • One of the best advantages is the Free Trade in the countries of the European Union without tariffs: this is a great advantage for Spain because most of its imports and exports are with European countries, for example Germany and France are the countries where Spain most imports and exports.
  • By the other way The European Union and Japan signed a free trade agreement in Tokyo the last summer: this agreement means that in the coming years Spain will be able to increase its imports and exports with Japan much more than now and also saving money.
  • The last point is that the EU has rules that apply to all of its countries and protect all its persons and in the last few years these rules have helped to create a better continent.


So, finally we are going to see arguments against the continuation of Spain in the European Union:

  • A really bad point is that Spain ended the last year with the biggest deficit of the European Union which we can see in the picture that was 3,1% of IT’S GDP.
  • Another one is that Hosting refugees from Europe sometimes can mean problems for Spain because unfortunately in recent years some of them have steal and commit crimes and there have even been attempts of violations, terrorism, etc.
  • Also, another disadvantage of Being a European country is that sometimes it means helping small countries who have economic problems. But Spain doesn't have enough money to do that and it could be a problem
  • Finally, the last point is that sometimes the EU and the ECB take decisions without considering Spain or any other country, for example they take decisions about the euro and other aspects that are very important for Spain.



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