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European Union

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The European Union was an organization designed to help the economic problems throughout several countries. Despite the production of jobs, the EU was also designed to ease trade for products and enhance political issues in Europe. Having 27 member-states involved in the EU, not everything is expected to run smoothly.

With major financial problems leading to a high number of unemployment, some member-states question their joining in the EU. Countries such as Spain and

Ireland is questionable to whether staying in the Union is to be beneficial.

With the population increasing in Spain and Ireland, unemployment was also increasing. After witnessing the bailout of Greece and Portugal, Spain and Ireland might eventually decide to leave the EU to avoid bigger problems in the future.

With some countries possibly leaving the European Union, there are two main countries that would most likely stay out of the EU all together. Germany and France being two of the largely populated areas in the European regions don't agree with the EU and are considered rivals to the greatest extent. Germany created tension with Europe in the early years which lead to a world war.

Although Germany has faced rough patches over the years in recession, they continue to progress without Unification from Europe. France similar to Germany, also do not agree with European Union and remain today to be economically productive. With France and Germany being powerful due to the land they reside on and the population accumulated, joining the EU would not be beneficial for either country, especially being longtime rivals.



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