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European Union

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1.What does the term "European Union" mean? What is the European Union's ultimate objective? Comment on its success in the international business sector. Why has the creation of the European Union encouraged more North American and Pacific Rim companies to establish operations in Europe?

The European Union consist of 27 countries in the European nations where it's main purpose was to remove trade barriers such as price issues and import and export thrift among countries it also created a uniform currency such as the "Euro" so each and every country involved must use. The creation of the the European Union has encouraged many more North Americans and Pacific Rim countries to establish operations in Europe. because products being sold in those countries all have the same currency and pricing where all are to follow the same export regulations.

2. What is the difference between morals and ethics, and why is this important to international business?

The difference between moral and ethics is the study of morality and the standards of conduct According to, Daily Outlook Afghanistan " Moral decisions are based upon the beliefs of the individual while ethical decisions are guidelines, standards, and laws that affect the business professional's decision making process in our homeland." Is what brings us to the quote "when in Rome do as the Romans do ." And this stands to be very true and important criteria for international business because what may be considered wrong in one culture is a perfect normal in another. For example it's against the law to bribe law enforcement officials in America However in other countries you have to bribe and abide by what the law enforcement official request in order to accomplish business transaction etc. Which makes it hard to have ethical standards for the world, so all international business owner have to do is follow the rules based on each country.

3. Describe the difference between an achievement culture and an ascription culture. How does an understanding of these differences help an international manager be effective in dealing with clients outside his or her own culture?



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