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Euthanasia Case

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Essay Preview: Euthanasia Case

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shoul euthanasia be legal?Outline

I. Introduction

Thesis statement: Although there are some who think that euthanasia should be banned, I strongly believe that it should be legal in view of the fact that it respects human rights and is a compassionate response to relieve the suffering of dying patients.

II. Body

A. Opponents of this position claim that euthanasia would need to be eliminated.

1. Disrespect humans life

a. Insufficient

2. Opposite medical principles

a. Insufficient

3. Emotional problems

a. Insufficient

B. Of all the rights each and every one of us has, the greatest one is the right to decide what to do with our own life, and especially, when and how to end it.

1. Right to decide

a. Own life

b. Quality of live

2. Being in control

a. Personal choice

b. Proof of freedom

C. In addition, euthanasia gives every terminal patient the opportunity to die in peace and with dignity.

1. End intolerable suffering

a. Relief

b. Skip the suffering

2. Avoid humiliating treatments

a. Respect dignity

b .Damage self esteem

III. Conclusion

Concluding Sentence: To sum up, euthanasia should be allowed in view of the fact that is a peaceful, doctor supervised, controlled way to die, and it is above all the strong arguments we've analyzed here, the ultimate right a person has.



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