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Euthanasia Case

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Euthanasia - the death of the patient who suffer from diseases, by act or exclusion,

as a part of her or his medical care, where the killing has to be done by physician (Hammerli, 1978). By Greek meaning euthanasia is a "easy death". There were a significant rise in discussion of euthanasia which understood as the request killing. Some people believe that benefit of euthanasia that it is possible to avoid prolonged pain and suffering(John Morgan, 1996). In doctor's practices there are a lot of factors when children, parents, the elderly die. Everyone comes in contact with death. The point of euthanasia is giving opportunity to choose death by self(Holloway A.M., 1996). The euthanasia should be committed with people who suffer from incurable disease and excruciating pain. Well known two types of euthanasia, there are active and passive. Active euthanasia includes prescribing medication or treatment aim to make life shorter and stop suffering. In comparison the role of passive euthanasia is to stop giving the opportunity to connection between patients and machines which help them to live ( Cohen-Almagor R., 2009 ). There are a lot of debates about should euthanasia be legalized or not. Some people take into consideration that euthanasia can be committed in some circumstances which clearly defined meanwhile others believe that it is against of life's rules.( Ranchod B.G., 1978). The debates about euthanasia marks arguments about reducing pain and suffering and saving resources to give opportunity to others, even though there are some against arguments about wrongness of killing on moral and Islamic sides, meanwhile it is dispensable to spend your last money and moments of life in hospitals.

One of the element in the definition of euthanasia is that helping to die patient who

has a fatal illness and is going to die is in the course of medical care. Doctors should help to seriously sick patients to die as an accepted part of clinical practice. Helping to die has to be normal for the doctor (Snyder and Weiner, 1996). Luke Gormally, a research officer of the Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics, said nobody can live with fatal suffering. If the physicians are not able to reduce the patient's suffering in any ways and only way to avoid suffering is by death, it is a matter why euthanasia has to be legal (Gormally, 1997). The patient has a right to be informed about his illness and treatment. Furthermore, he or she has the right to choose the medical treatment and also choose the death. People have to be independent and physicians should pay attention to patient's decisions (Ranchod, 1978). Karel Gunning, dutch physician, explained that in the present time most people are able to make decisions about their education, career, marriage and lifestyle, but why they should not choose a quick death with less suffering at the end of their life. Euthanasia has to be legal for a person with intolerable pain. Law banned euthanasia, because government believe that to kill sick person is a person. But how can person live with real pain. Most people think that it is better to allow a sick people to die, if they want ( Gunning K., 1995 ). Consequently euthanasia should be legally permitted for people with fatal illness, where suffering could not be reduced by any methods. The patient's decisions must be considered by doctors( Matthews, 1967). Most of countries do not have medical

resources for all sick people. As a result, some people are unable to get medicines for

treatment. Physicians spend medicines for people, who do not want to live, it is not

prudent. People who do not want to live should not spend medications for nothing.

In conclusion, euthanasia is a solution to human suffering and pain for many people. Doctors should take into account patient's opinions about their wishes. In the present time

medicines are not enough. Physicians should choose wisely whom they give medicines.

(John Keown, 1993).

However, anyway there will be debates about wrongness of euthanasia every time.

Islamic people do not argue that people can kill themselves or get others to do

it(Koran 4.29). Every human life is the creation of God. If euthanasia will be legal, doctors

will be allowed to play the role of God( Koran 3.145). The power to play with people's lives

should not be legal. As Mahjabeen Hassan, plastic surgeon, said doctors are people who

we trust to save our lives, take care us, but euthanasia gives them opportunity to play God.

Euthanasia is against God. Nothing and nobody can take the people's life.

Doctors should relieve suffering when they can. And support people who suffer. People




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