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Evaluating Team D's Business Communications

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Essay Preview: Evaluating Team D's Business Communications

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Evaluating Team D's Business Communications

Team D created an excellent communiqué to Dana the Marketing Manager from the accounting manager John. The purpose of this communiqué was to advise the marketing manager of the results of the review of JJJ's financials and the communiqué prepared did just that. The communiqué was prepared in an email form which was a good format form for the communication. This is a short form of communication to a person within the same company so an email is a common and appropriate choice to communicate the information. The context of the communication was appropriate as well as ethical and did not provide too much or too little information to the marketing manager.

Team D also created communication between Beth and the Sales Manager which was created in an email format. The communication information given to the sales manager was the same information given to the marketing manager. I would have to give the same results to this team for communication to the Sales Manager as I did to the Marketing Manager. I would not suggest any changes to either one of the communiqués created.

The communiqué completed to the CEO from the Accounting Manager was in a formal letter which would be an appropriate form of communication. The communication addressed the financial instability of JJJ's financial information however, does not include recommendations of not moving forward. In the first paragraph Hayes and Hughes state, "After the due diligence I regret to inform the CEO and the Chairman if the Board that the Accounting Department does not approve the acquirement of proposed organization in the said acquisition JJJ Company." This statement to me means they do not agree or approve with the acquisition of JJJ Company. However, it does not include the recommendation to the CEO not to move forward. When communicating to the CEO of the company the communication did address the instability of JJJ's financials appropriately to the attended audience. Overall the communication prepared was ethical and However, I would have included a request not to move forward along with the non approval of the acquisition.

A formal memo was created to the Accounting Department from Beth the Staff Accountant. The intended message was to advise the accounting department of the status of the due diligence investigation. The memo created did not appropriately address the status of the investigation. Instead the communication is recommending the team find solutions that will show JJJ is stable to continue with the acquisition and is recommending everyone to get together to discuss the ideas before submitting the solution to the CEO. The communication does not directly notify the peers of the status of their findings as recommended in accounting scenario. The communication was created in a memo which would be appropriate and the body of the communication



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