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New Health Medical System Memo

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New Health Medical System Memo


To: Departmental Head

From: The Human Resource Department

Date: October 14, 2013

Subject: Evaluation of Staffing Strategy according to the Company's new Strategic Direction

Staffing is an important function of any organization, which deals with the acquisition, deployment and retention of the manpower resources of an organization (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2008). Staffing should involve certain basic principles, which help in managing the human resources of an organization. An organization should have a strong staffing strategy, which helps it in achieving its goals and objectives (Renckly, 2003).

Alignment of Staffing Strategy with Company's Strategic Direction

In order to fill the 35 new positions in the hospital, the director of staffing of New Health Medical Systems proposed the following staffing alternatives:

* Placing the advertisement for the candidates in the local newspaper

* Contacts with the staffing and placement agencies for the technicians into health care facilities

* Organizing a job fair to invite local professionals

* Offering bonus of $1000 to the candidate at the time of joining the organization for at least for 180 days

The strategic options of placing the advertisement in the local newspaper and making contact to the placement and staffing agencies are very effective for the health care. This way the health care system would be able to create awareness among the skilled technicians. The next option of organizing a job fair is also one of the most important tools for the health care system. This job fair will allow the organization to scrutinize skilled technicians among the common people. Due to this kind of job fair and visiting of professionals, the health care system would get lots of applications from local as well as state level technicians. The last strategic option of offering bonus of $1000 to anyone who joins the organization would increase the expenses of the company. It would not be suitable for the firm (Renckly, 2003). These strategic options are suitable for the organization only at the limited extent. There is a need to implement some other staffing strategies and improve these strategies for the effective staffing and recruitments of technicians, so that the firm can follow its new strategic directions.

Recommendations for the Staffing Strategy to meet the Goals of the Organization

The New Health Medical system should use both electronic media and offline media to place the advertisement. This



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