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Evan Tylos Point of View

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Essay Preview: Evan Tylos Point of View

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Evan Tylos point of view

Evan is a Young boy who lives in an orphanage. He is eleven year old who believe in music just like other believes in fairytales. Evan doesn't want to go to a foster family because he believes that his parents are alive and somehow they hear him. One night Evan woke up and follow do music. He arrives in New York City alone. In the city he meets this other young boy Arthur that play guitar in the park. Meeting Arthur leave him meeting Wizard an old guy that put kids with some abilities in different points of the city. Being with Arthur and Wizard, Evan play a guitar so well that wizard take him and put him to work for him. They have this situation with the police and Evan run in to a church. Evan change his name to August Rush. In the church met this little girl who sings. This girl shows him a piano and teach him how to play, she show him the music letter. He composes music without knowing how to do it. The pastor notices his gift and takes him to a music school. Evan learns a lot in and teaches a lot in the music school. The head masters of the school notice that Evan has a gift for the music and let him perform his own symphony in a show in Central Park. In a practice for the show Wizard came and takes him again. Being with Wizard he meet this guy Louis a musician, but what his doesn't now is that Louis is his father. Louis encourages him to get away from Wizard and go to his perform. At the last minute Evan those it he run in the Central Park and do his performance. When he finishes his performance both of his parents (Lyla and Louis) are in the audience looking at him. He recognizes them and smile.



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