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In My Point of View

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I have sought the episode "Excellent soldier" in the serial "Black Laguna". In my point of view, I didn't find anything fantastic, so the film could be based on realism. I cannot fully understand the genre of the film. It varies between drama and thriller. The whole episode was mainly focused only on character. This means, there wasn't many scenes with long or extremely long shot with taking any landscape, or property, only small things, like casket.

The whole episode was full of close-up and medium shots. This means that director want to emphasize emotions of character, so the actors should convey a sense, which their character feels. The main point is acting. It wasn't like an American star film, because there wasn't any big star, like Will Smith or Robert De Niro. However, this doesn't make film bad, even good. Acting in the cinema is almost totally dependent on the filmmaker's approach to the story materials. (L. Giannetti, p.287)

First of all, all the actors are either non-professional performers or trained performers. The old lady from department, in my point of view is non-professional, she has chosen only because she looks like people who has an experience and also strict in choosing the right person for right child. Other actors like person from school his father and mother, who is trying to adopt child, there are trained. Almost every scene where there are involved, they convey emotional feeling that is experienced by their character. Moreover, every actor was handsome and matched by his or her character. For instance, the teenager boy in school, who didn't like his father, looks like a teenager, who is disobedient and always trying to create fight. Even the little girls played very good, while whispering about newcomer boy. They totally play their character as we could think they are the same in the real time, which could be fact. Stanislavsky believed that truth in acting can only be achieved by exploring a character's inner spirit, which must be fused with the actor's own emotions. (L. Giannetti, p.282)

Secondly, the episode doesn't fully highlight the star, but the director encourages his actors playing. It is also possibly to argue that it also highlights the actors, because of many close-up shots taken. However, in my point of view, by this the director wants to focus attention on emotions and feeling. Almost every scene contain close up shots, which we could see feeling, like compassion, angriness or happiness. Moreover, the light especially in dialogue was mainly focused on the face of personality, which gave a characteristic feature of the character. For instance, the dark light makes me believe that the father of that boy plays a role of criminal, even with specific emotional emphasize or with understanding of episode.

Finally, this film is made in Spain or Spanish speaking/ language country. This also makes a point in



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