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The Story from a Characters Point of View

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Essay Preview: The Story from a Characters Point of View

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The Story From a Characters Point of View

While reading a story, sometimes you often wonder, what if one of the characters of the story wrote it and how different would it be. In "The Story Of An Hour", if Richards wrote it the story would be a lot more interesting. First off, he would have written it based on an insider's point of view. Also, if Richards wrote the story you would not get all the information of Louise's inner thoughts. Lastly, the reason people would want to read Richards point of view is to know how he felt went Brently walked through the door.

Richard knew everything about Brently, they have known each other since childhood and grew up together. They have been through everything you can think of together. Richard and Brently graduated high school together and decided to go to the same college because they were inseparable. Later down the road after college Richard introduced Brently to his soon to be wife, Louise. Their friendship grew stronger than ever after that. When Richards got the news about Brentlys death he knew that he had to be the one to break the news to Louise.

Due to the fact that Richards cannot get inside Louise's head to understand how she is feeling or what she is thinking, he has no idea how she felt when he gave her the news about her husbands death in a train accident. Richards felt extremely sorry for Louise and how he could only imagine what must be going through her head and how sad she must be feeling at this very moment. With her expression on her face, it seemed as though not a single thought ran through her mind, as she drew a blank or something. The only thing he knew for certain was that she was hurting inside and was starting to cry.

Later that day, after all the crying Louise was doing and heartbreak Richards was feeling, the front door opened up and out of the blue there was good old Brently who walked through the door. Richards was happy deep down inside but his expression was speechless. When he heard the news of Brentlys death in the accident he felt like he had lost apart of him and did not know how to express his feelings. Know after the sudden shock of seeing Brently it triggered his brain and than started to remember Louise heart condition. He turned immediately to try and block the Louise view from seeing Brently knowing the news would shock her. The next few moments happened so fast for Richards, he went from losing his only best friend to getting him back and then losing another good friend.

To sum it all up I would be interested to hear the story from Richards point of view. Hearing all about how Richards and Brently grew up together. How Richards introduced Brently to his future wife, Louise. The only downfall is that we would not get to hear Louise inner thoughts. The most intriguing part would be to hear how Richards felt when he saw his best friend whom he thought had just died, walked



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