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Leadership Point of View

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It is important to identify a personal leadership point of view in order to clarify to others where your beliefs come from and why you value the things you do. In the points listed below, I will establish my leadership point of view based on the eight elements discussed in the Ken Blanchard's concept of servant leadership.

One of the key people in my life who have showed me the positive guidance in life is my grandmother. Born and raised in Ukraine I have lived by a whole another world of rules and morals which is not completely different from my life in United States. My grandmother was considered to be very strict yet merciful. Whenever I have misbehaved, she took it upon herself to punish me with a bare branch of a tree in our yard. I learned my lessons the hard way however she has shaped my morals and beliefs with her harsh lessons as well as life stories which she told me in the dark when our lights were turned off three times a week in the evenings per our local government at the time. I have learned from her discipline that in order to be a good person and a leader, I must first think about the actions I take before jumping into action. Her life lessons and old-Russian-world mind set has laid a strong path for my life in United States.

Moving to United States was a key event and a life-changing experience. It has taught me to adapt quickly, learn fast and always be a step ahead of myself. Coming into this country with barely the alphabet learned, I had to be very brave, not afraid to make conversations with poor English and be able to take criticism from others. It was a great challenge which paved my way for leadership in the future. Being different, and innovative are my strengths because of this venture and as a future leader I hope to bring these strength to my team where I can morally serve and guide others and understand them regardless of the difference which we face.

This leads me to discuss the next element. One of the main goals for my existence is to contribute to society in a positive way. This means staying out of trouble, giving back to the community and showing my future children the right path by educating them on the experience which I have survived and lessons I have learned, much like my grandmother has done with me. In the workforce, this means being honest with my co-workers, sharing an equal amount of work and setting goals which will benefit the organization as a whole.

My core values as I attempt to live my life for a purpose are: honesty, freedom and health. These are important to me because in order to bring about positive energy and create a productive environment, those who interact with each other must not lie or manipulate, must be free to make their own choices and must remain whole and healthy to be able to carry on the purpose of life. A life on earth without these values would seize to exist for an individual who feels oppressed, manipulated and cheated. These



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