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Facebook - the Reality

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2011- Facebook has turned into the number one social media outlet in the world! The Egyptian riots, the news aboout Osama Bin Ladin, or the news about what grandma did for her 80th birthday has been broadcasted over Facebook as the number one news source for the social community. Facebook has turned into its own search engine; people can search other people or even the net while utilizing facebook. Facebook is the missing link in all of society and has turned face-to face communication into computer-to computer interaction. The human aspect is disenegrating yet empowered by Facebook.

The birth of Facebook is a gift and a curse. People don't contact eachother over thr phone anymore. They hide behind their laptop, ipad, or smartphone and look at their Led screen to see what their community is up to. The social world has completely changed. Children text eachother in the same room instead of having a conversation. People have almost lost their capabilities of human interaction.

Eventually Facebook will be able to charge a fee and people would pay it because they are completely addicted to this site. Their are many positive and negatives of Facebook, but most of it is negative. People mask their true identities and put pictures of their happiest moment on this site. People are not always this happy but yet this is how they broadcast themselves to their community. This anamoly can cause frustration and aggravation for other people that aren't feeling so happy.

This article is opinion based and should not be taken as the final truth of Facebook



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