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Facebook Essay

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Observation Essay

Facebook is a website where people can interact with friends, relatives, or meet new people; it is a place were friends go to socialize, express themselves through pictures, quotes, or just getting something off their mind. Over the time I have used Facebook there are many things about it that I have observed some good, some bad. I have had friends and family tell me their experiences with Facebook and what they have observed as well; I have realized many aspect's about this very, popular social network.

There is a movie called the "Social Network" which is based on a website called Facebook, which Shows how popular it is, and has never been done for any other social network. I got introduced to Facebook by friends, I had noticed everyone who used to use MySpace began to switch to Facebook mostly because of all the changes MySpace made which made it very difficult to use. As I first began to use Facebook the transition was confusing because it was so new. My first observation of Facebook was that I noticed people I knew didn't have many friends; I figured it was because they only added people they knew and I was right. I noticed more people I knew began to join Facebook, mostly people transitioning from MySpace and all the problems it had.

Most of Facebook's users all the people who wanted to try something new besides MySpace and the many bad things it had and bad experiences people have had. With time, I realized that Facebook was slowly receiving negative attention from the same kind of people that MySpace produced; it seemed like all the negative slowly began to invade Facebook. My two sisters whom also use Facebook have told me many observations; such as, they began to be harassed by unknown guys, Witch many of us have heard of coming from mostly people who use or have used MySpace. As I suspected it would be only a matter of time till it gets worse and receive a bad reputation such as MySpace did.

The longer I used Facebook, I noticed how people used the status update to talk about their feelings or to ask questions or to just generally express themselves in either a positive way or a negative way. Whatever people would post would be seen by everyone who is online at the time, and no matter what they put, everyone seemed to have something to say such as; "Relationships aren't worth the pain" usually everyone likes posts such as those. But some people would post random things ever minute witch I found kind of annoying. I noticed how whenever someone would post something funny, true, or interesting, people would click the "Like" button to let the person who wrote it know that they liked what they had to say. I found myself likening a lot of my friend's posts; I also thought it was a good thing there wasn't a "dislike" button because people might get offended.



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