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Facility Planning Part 1

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Essay Preview: Facility Planning Part 1

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Facility Planning Part 1

This paper will discuss the renovations of the emergency room at Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Lumberton, North Carolina. This paper is also discussing why the community was in need of this renovation, the type of population this facility services and describe the facility that has been selected.

The renovation of the emergency room in Lumberton, North Carolina is part of the hospital that has been open since 1906. This renovation to the emergency room is going to bring it up-to-date with the rest of the hospital. Southeastern Regional Medical Center has joined in with Duke University and just finished a new heart wing. Operations for heart bypasses can be handled in the community now. In the renovation of the emergency room will be expanded and is going to feature hardware that is going to inhabit the growth of bacteria, high efficiency particle arrestor air filters, and anti-microbial paint. This facility is also going to have 40 private examination rooms instead of 20 double bed rooms and have to pull cubicle curtains and two private rooms for severe patients and heart patients that are critical (SRMC, 2012). This is going to help reduce the waiting time because the staff and physicians will be in one location. This is the only emergency facility in the surrounding areas and the community.


This renovation to the emergency room is going to give better services and less wait time for the people in the community. This newly renovated facility is going to achieve patient satisfaction rankings greater than the 90th percentile. Southeastern Regional Medical Center is licensed for 337 beds and offers a combination of acute care, intensive care, and psychiatric services to more than 14,000 inpatients and 75,000 emergency patients annually (SRMC, 2012. This emergency facility is the only emergency room in the community that is open 24/7, and provides much needed health services in the community. This facility provides medical service to any person that is in need of emergency care whether or not the patient has insurance. This facility does not discriminate against any race, religion, or sexual preference. The renovation of the emergency room along with Southeaster Regional Medical Center is renovating to improve the health care needs of all the communities in where their serves and care are the best for medical health.

Selected Facility

The template that was selected is the hospital, see below. Within the hospital the facility selected is the emergency room that will be attached to the hospital.


As this paper has discussed, the emergency room of Southeastern Regional Medical Center is being renovated. Southeastern Regional Medical Center started back in 1906. The renovated



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