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Fahrenheit 451: Part 1 Analytical Notes

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Essay Preview: Fahrenheit 451: Part 1 Analytical Notes

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Fahrenheit 451: Part 1 Analytical Notes

* The relationship between Montag and his wife, Mildred, is important. When he questions her regarding the suicide, she doesn't remember so he just drops the subject instead of arguing about it. Later, he wants her to take responsibility for taking thirty sleeping pills.

* Montag's job as a fireman is ironic because firemen in the time of the story, set fire to books. But the view of firemen to us is them putting out fires. That is the reason that it is ironic.

* Montag keeps looking up at the air conditioning vent grille probably because he has books up in the attic. This is weird because he is a fireman, and they set fire to books in the story.

* When the author says that there room is like a graveyard and that Mildred looks like a tomb, it implies that their marriage is dead. They don't talk much and she always has the headphones in her ears.

* When the guys from the hospital come to the house with two machines instead of a doctor, it implies that the society is so dependent on machines that they use it to cure illnesses.

* The author vividly describing Clarisse as white by referring to different subjects, such as milk. It is inferred that the author is describing her as pure and as an angel.

* Montag says that Clarisse is wiser than Mildred even though she is sixteen, and Mildred is thirty. That is very ironic. If Mildred is thirty, it is implied that she is more mature that Clarisse, who is sixteen.

* The chief visited Montag's house. This certain scene in the book was very suspenseful because of the fact that Montag was hiding a book under his pillow. When Mildred went to go fix up the bed, she touched the pillow and realized that there was a book under there. What was suspenseful was that we didn't know if Mildred was going to pull out the book or just leave it there.

* When Montag goes to the house with the books up in the attic, a book falls right into his hands and he surprisingly hides it beneath his coat. This is ironic because the firemen are there to burn all of the books.

* The woman at the house strikes the match to burn the house herself because she doesn't want to live if there are no books. It is implied that the society is so messed up that books are so close to people that it can mean life or death for some.



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