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Medici Family Case

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The Medici family created the kicked off the renaissance for Europe. They created funds for almost everything that improved life for their people. The Medici's were a very wealthy and powerful family, who acted as a cornerstone for Florence and the Renaissance.

The Medici were possibly the richest family in Italy during their time. Their wealth began to increase when one of the member's of the family served as gonfalero, which is bearer of a high ceremonial office, at the end of the thirteenth century (History of the Medici, 2011). Then, when Savestro de Medici led the revolt against ciompi, a small artistante, he became very popular in Florence, increasing the family's wealth even more. Although he was later banished, Giovanni Bicci de Medici became responsible for making the family the richest in Italy, possibly even in all of Europe, when he became gonfalero in 1421 (The Medici Family, 1996).

Though all of this helped to set the base for the family's power, it was Giovanni's son, Cosimo de Medici, who would really help send the family down in history (The Medici Family, 1996). In 1434, he controlled the government in Florence and for sixty years helps no official title, but eventually ran for office and gained power in the highest majestry and began managing interests in banking, trade, and industry (The Medici Family, 1996).He had rivals, that being the Albizzi family. While in a political battle, he lost and was actually banished from the city. But, just proving the respect people had for him and his popularity among the people, he was recalled and the Albizzi family was banished in return (History of the Medici Family, 2011). After all, he had done a lot for the city of Florence, spending much money on his city and supporting the sculptors and artists, building churches and large libraries. In the wake of his death, he was named Pater Palrige, or father of his country (History of the Medici, 2011).

Carrying on Cosimo's legacy was his two sons, Pier and Lorenzo. Pier was not so much of a success as his brother. Lorenzo was a poet, statesman, politician, banker, patron of artists, a writer and a philosopher, playing a large role in Italian politics, later being known as Lorenzo the Magnificent (History of the Medici Family, 2011). He never held any official post but was truly a man of the Renaissance, writing poetry and carnival songs and buying artists' work which allowed them to afford places to live and paying for their educations (Ritchie, Robert).

All in all, the Medici family was a very helpful and charitable family. Under their rule not only did the city become wealthier, but it also became more powerful, one of the most powerful in Italy. It was the cultural center of Europe, known for its art and literature, at one point having the largest library in all of Europe History of the Medici, 2011). They founded the Platonic Academy,



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