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My Family Case

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My ten-year old cousin had left such an impact on my life that it made me look at myself differently. She gave me an entirely different outlook on life. My family decided to move to Richmond, VA so that my cousin could have a friendly atmosphere around her. Initially, it amazed me that she could act as such a major factor in my family deciding to move. She was the reason for all the arguments my parents had in a time I thought was supposed to unite our family. Instead, moving to Richmond turned out to only cater to her childish needs. I became accustom to treating her as a sister because I started to see how difficult it was for her to experience her childhood alone. In turn, she treated me as a gateway to make my own sister jealous, and it became hard for me to simply view her age as an excuse for her immaturity. I soon learned that her naivety allowed me to view myself differently, and consider how others view me.

Your family and friends during your childhood are the ones who help you grow. Though it was my moral duty to be there for my ten-year old cousin and watch her age, though it was hard to allow her to act obnoxious, I learned the hard lesson that this was the process of growing up. Just as I today have the right to be looking forward to what my future has in store, my ten-year old cousin had the right to be a child. Age isn't a restriction for wisdom, but it sometimes can be an excuse for behavior. The fact is, although my cousin acted the way she acted, she as a ten-year old was allowed to. My family's decision to move was beneficial towards her because she wouldn't feel alone. In retrospect, I am glad we moved, because just as my cousin influenced me into becoming someone I am comfortable with, I, in return, was there to accept and help shape who she was.



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