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Family History and the Internet

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Essay Preview: Family History and the Internet

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Family history and the internet

Try to guess how many people use their phones last thing at night before going to bed. How many people turn on their phones first thing in the morning? How many people spend more than 10 hours a day in front of a computer? How many of you are staring at your phone screen when you're not staring at your computer screen? This number may surprise you. The rapid development of the Internet brings more convenience to our life at the same time, but also quietly changed our living habits, being more and more "sub-health" tormented our bodies, have you ever thought, if there is no Internet, what will our life become?

With Facebook, WeChat and other tools that are convenient for chatting, we spend less time on the phone and sending messages to our friends. Anything can be done on these chat tools, and we can say whatever we want. Besides, there will be a more convenient circle of friends and Twitter to share our life, work and even mood with us. Do not have to make a phone call, friends cannot hear our voice, do not have to send a message, did not have the kind of joy after receiving the information, do not have to face to face, less face to face communication of that kind of intimacy, even shopping shopping can use the Internet to fix, we have less and friends to communicate to increase the opportunity of feeling.

In the subway, people around you either have their ears stuffed, or they can't take their eyes off their phones and iPad. We look for friends on the Internet through a variety of ways, and then through a variety of options to turn friends into real friends, even looking for a partner, also want to go through the network. But there are so many people around us that we don't even move our eyes from the screen of our phones to look at them. That's why more and more people are single, and more and more people are cheated because of making friends carelessly on the Internet. Love is a very wonderful thing, as the song goes: "phone, fax, and comfort, also can not hug you far away." Without the Internet, the environment around us would be more harmonious.

But compared to our lives, the lives of our fathers are very different from ours. Let me talk about the life of my grandparents. My grandparents have never experienced the life of the "Internet Age" for the rest of their lives. My grandparents live in a small village. It is one of China's most vibrant cities, close to the country's most open metropolises. Even in my grandfather's yard, I often received a "welcome to Shanghai" text from the hospitable Shanghai mobile, reminding me that my phone was in a friggin 'roaming state -- but my grandfather had never experienced that.

In the courtyard, there is an old well with thick peach trees, pear trees that never grow tall, orange trees with sour fruits, loquat trees I hate most, pagoda trees with beautiful flowers and many insects, as well as ten mu fields, a small pond, an old dog and a group of ducks. Typical to the typical layout of Jiangnan(Traditional architecture in southern China) cottage.

But the number of post-electric appliances owned by his family is small. "The Internet age" is a world beyond his comprehension. Internet TV, smartphone, computer, Internet, none of them exist in his life. If there is any trace of an "Internet" in his life, it is the village text message networks and fishing tools.

When my grandfather got up at 5 o 'clock every morning, the first thing he did was "field management": loosening the soil, weeding, killing insects, fertilizing, irrigating, and selecting fresh vegetables for sale. Then ride the old bicycle, in the small town along the river market sales. At ten o 'clock in the morning, he sold the basket of vegetables and would ride home on his bicycle. Home cooking stoves and fresh ingredients can be combined to create simple delights. In the afternoon, my grandparents would still dedicate their time to the land. When the birds came back to the nest, they would pick up the eggs laid by the ducks and all the fat ducks would have to go into the shed. The evening is short. After dinner, the last ritual is to watch the news broadcast and the weather forecast. According to my observation, They mainly watch the weather forecast, and the news broadcast about international current affairs and domestic news is mainly used to remind grandpa. Occasionally, of course, he would listen to the radio, either a variety of romance books or some opera.



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