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Family Life Style

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What is a Family

A family can be a very difficult and controversial term to define in 21st century; I feel that is because today you have the opportunity to hear more debates and opinions on what makes a family. So with having my own opinions on what a family is I have to approach writing this with an open mind, and I considered the best way to start out defining a family would to use a dictionary and see what a textbook would say, and it simple said this "a social unit consisting of one or more adults together with the children they care for." Pretty basic, but in the end that is coming from a book that doesn't truly have emotions. So I asked my dad he is fifty years old and has been married for thirty years and he said "a group of people that includes an adult or two, and their children who may or may not be related by blood." I also called up my friends who is sixteen years old, female, and has been dating her boyfriend for a year and defines family as "A relationship between two people and that have children." I also asked a little five year girl who said "A home with love and cookies." After talking to these different people and hearing their outlook on what a family it help me to underline what I believe a family to be. Which I would characterize as "A group of people who provide care, love, help, and support unconditionally and when you need it the most. These people do not have to be related to you by blood but an emotional connection."

Family Traditions

A tradition is a ritual or activity that you do a certain days, mainly holidays, and events that have been continued for years. An example of a tradition would be every year for your birthday you go out to your favorite restaurant to eat. Traditions can be fun but why do we still do them and are the helpful to families today? I would say yes, because I feel that they strength families and bring them together especially with how busy people seem to be today. I also feel that traditions can bring a sense of comfort and routine with the hectic world we live in. I have somewhat of a difficult time saying what kind of traditions I would like my future family to participate in because some of my ideas I might have to comprise on because of my future husband might see things a bit differently. But there are two traditions I know that I would love to have part of my family and they are having a family night every other Sunday where we all make a dish for dinner and watch a movie or go out and do an activity together, I would also like the tradition of traveling somewhere once every year. I feel the first one may establish a bond and feeling of comfort and the second one offers something semi new and exciting that plays up a sense of a "honeymoon phase"

Personal Theory

Different types of concepts



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