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Life Styles

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As indicated in the LSI Styles circumplex, my primary thinking style status falls within the Constructive Styles category and my secondary thinking style status is within the range of Passive/Defensive Styles. The LSI describes the Affiliative style as a person who highly values and enjoys personal relationships, looks for socially interactive encounters and takes pleasure in interpersonal contact. People work hard to create long lasting relationships and are determined to maintain close associations with others. Affiliative style thinking are individuals that are comfortable when they have established solid emotional and social ties. These kinds of people are more trusting and that have a sensitive approach and who are socially skilled. They are more open with their own thoughts and share viewpoints of other that have the same kind of mindset of relationships. After taking the time to go through my results and talking to others who have also taken the survey, it was pretty interesting to see how it described me thoroughly. I really enjoy being around people and learning about what they can bring to the table and also how positive they can be in my life. I really enjoy listening to my friends, colleagues and family members and will offer up any advice. As a manager, this styles works well with my team of operations and student workers. Showing that I care and that I am apart of team will bring out that I am more as an individual.

The LSI describes the Dependent style as people who require security and self-preservation and have little control over their lives. This approach can be considered long standing in a person's life for many years. This is a personal thinking style that can also be brought on by basically having a life altering change in a relationship, a new job or promotion or simply being ill for any length of time. It is stated in the Dependent style overview that dependent people tend to rely heavily on others for a long period of time and in turn this creates a breakdown in their confidence. Individuals who are profoundly dependent tend to be comfortable with letting others influence them. They use dependent behavior as a defense against feeling threatened or being rejected by others. Dependent style people have such a strong desire to want to please other people that they tend not to see the situation for what it is or have the ability to take independent action on a given situation. I would have to say that many characteristics of this particular thinking style does not wrap around me as effortlessly as my primary thinking style. I like to keep my mouth closed and simply absorb what is going on around me. I manage people and situations so often in my day to day activities that I absolutely enjoy sitting back and being an agreeable participant. At times, I do look to others for direction and commentary including family and team members and other managers and friends. I know that once I have the process



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