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Fema Case

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1. According to Frontline, what problems were caused by the following groups:

a. The Local and state officials?

The local and state officials failed to plan.

b. The U.S. military?

The U.S. military waited too long.

c. FEMA?

FEMA wad poorly led.

d. The Government?

The government was indifferent to victims who were poor and black.

2. Why was the Louisiana National Guard unable to help?

The levees broke.

3. Why were rescue efforts hampered in the first 24 hours?

There was no means of communication.

4. What were the Mayor's responsibilities prior to the hurricane?

To stock the shelters with enough food and water, and to mobilize city as well school buses for evacuation.

5. Where were state and local officials during the aftermath of Katrina? Why was this a problem?

They were 80 miles away in Baton Rouge. They were not there to see how serious the aftermath was; how starving and thirsty everyone was; Innocent people were dying.

6. What were the critics pointing out as trouble with the governor of Louisiana?

They were saying that she was unprepared and made vague, confusing requests to Washington.

7. According to then-FEMA director Michael Brown, when does FEMA take over for state and local governments?

FEMA takes over based on the priorities of what the state establishes.

8. What were the complaints of local and state officials against FEMA?

They complained that event though they had sent a list of things that they needed FEMA said that they did not. They are saying that they asked FEMA for help and FEMA just didn't respond the way that they needed them to.

9. How many days did it take for the government, under President George W. Bush, to acknowledge they were late and inadequate in its response?

It took them 6 days to acknowledge that they were late and inadequate wither their response.

"The Storm: What Went Wrong in New Orleans":

10. After reading the interview excerpts from the federal, state, and local officials, what do you feel went wrong in New Orleans?

I think that FEMA not responding to New



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