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First Real Challenge

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This diorama is the first real challenge of the hunger games. This challenge has all the district competing. They all start on a medal circle. They have to stand on it for sixty seconds. If some one is to fall of land minds will blow them up. After the sixty seconds is up a gong will ring to signal the start of the hunger games and the districts will be released from their circles. Then the have to make their way to a big peace of land. The land has supplies spread out everywhere to help the players survive the rest of the hunger games. There is a golden horn in the middle of the vast peace of land that looks like a horn. The closer you are to that the better of supplies you will find. For example there is a plastic bag three feet long thirty feet away but three feet away there is a whole tent kit with every thing you need to survive, but its not that easy the other appoints are trying to get the same thing as you so you have to fit over everything and that's hard. This is a important part in the novel because its start to thin out the competitors and gives you supplies for your advantage. Also its important because it's the start of the Hunger Games. This is what my diorama is showing.



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