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Food Is the Paramount Necessity of the People

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Essay Preview: Food Is the Paramount Necessity of the People

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I、Executive summary

It is well-known in China that “Food is the paramount necessity of the people”.It is also noteworthy that with the improvement of living standards ,people are eager to seek healthier food.In addition to the fast pace life resulted from urbanization and globalization,foreign fast food is more acceptable than before,such as KFC and Mcdonald.Based on the fact mentioned above,”New flavor”,which is a Japanese restaurant providing sushi,tempura,nigiri,donburi,bento and even hot meals,will open in Wuxi,Jiangsu Province,China next month.

The restaurant is located near universities,banks and companies,which owns a fantastic location and is intended to serve young people and adults,including students and employees.There are three full time employees and they are in charge of management,making sushi and cooking meals respectively.What’s more,there are also two part time university students helping with making donburi,bento and counter.

II、Situation Analysis

A、Company analysis

The newly opened Japanese restaurant is not very famous compared to those Chinese restaurant catering to everyone’s taste and having a long history.However,we will design posters and advertise in various medias to publisize our own characteristics-eco-friendly ,healthy and diversity.Our take-away containers as well as donburi bowls are of high-quality and microwavable.It is undeniable that our ingredients are pretty fresh and safe from the Japanese branch “Jing Teng”in China.Additionally,our rice is cooked by sushi rice and sticky rice according to a proper proportion.

B、target customers

The new flavor restaurant is located near universities and companies in the downtown,which means it is able to attract customers both students and adults who are busy or enjoy healthy lifestyle and the prices can be set ranging from $1 to $15.For those price-sensitive consumers,such as students and blue-collars,they can feel free to choose delicious sushi,tempura ,donburi and bento.As for whiter-collars,exquisite and fancy dish can be offered with a relatively low price compared with other restaurants.Furthermore,Wu Xi city is one of the tourist cities in China,so we can provide an increasing number of travellers with good music,comfortable chair and harmonious atmosphere.


One of the biggest competitors is “N duo”sushi,which is a famous national chain shop with a relatively low price and diversity in sushis.Because of the 7-year history ,it has built an extremely sound brand image in both youth and adults and is gaining higher and higher popularity.However,to some extent,we can probably succeed by offering different kinds of Japanese cuisine-not only sushi.What’s worse,this modern city is also full of Japanese restaurants and western restaurants with lager space and loyal customers.As a newly opened ordinary shop,it faces more challenges than expected,so we ought to make preparations to overcome difficulty in advance.


a.economy:Deeply influenced by the implementation of reforming and opening policy,China is rapidly developing in recent years.In addition,Wuxi city,as the second developed city in Jiangsu Province,is attracting global investment and making continuous contributions to GDP.Hence,an increasing number of middle-class citizens pursue foreign cuisines.

b.politics:Due to the history issue,the relationship between China and Japan is a little tight.According to a reseach,16% people resist to taste Japanese meals,which may decrease the profit of a Japanese restaurant.However,leaders of two countries are trying to promote peaceful and friendly development and communication,so it is probable Japanese food will be more acceptable in the future.

Social:As a fast developed city with a population of over 6 million,Wuxi is dotted with western and eastern food.While faced with fierce competition,Janpanese food may not lose its market position in that people seek healthier lifestyle and are eager to try something authentic.


The supplier of this restaurant is a branch company in China named “Jingteng”from Japan,which is known for trust,high efficiency and eco-friendliness.So far,they both keep in good touch with each other.It must be sure to choose the supplier that best suits the operation’s needs.Though the current supplier is dependable and famous,it is also vital to evaluate its performance and assurances and monitor their operation standards.Moreover,good relations with with distribution channel members such as we chat,QQ ,micro blog and university forum is definitely indispensable.As is known to all,advertising is the primary means by which a company communicates its customers about its products,brands,and position in the marketplace.If ads claim that a brand is an exclusive,premium brand,the product needs to be of high quality,priced relatively high,and distributed relatively exclusively.[1]If our shop can be advertised in a positive image,it will gain fame and attract a large number of people as soon as possible.Due to the fact that social media is able to spread rapidly,we should seize the opportunity to broaden appeal and improve the brand image.

III、SWOT analysis


1.The price in “new flavor” Japanese restaurant is set reasonably compared with those luxurious western and Japanese restaurants,so almost every student and employ are accessible to these food.

2.The restaurant focuses on diversity ,safety and environmental-friendliness so that people can live a healthy life instead of going to a street vendor’s stand which is lack of food hygiene.

3.It is quite convenient to get to the restaurant by bus or on foot.In addition to the unique design as well as cozy atmosphere,it is easy to catch people’s eyes.

4.Most Japanese restaurants are located in the shopping malls.So it is the only Japanese restaurant near universities offering proper prices,showing foreign culture and introducing the origin of these cuisines.

B、 weakness

1. As a new shop,people can hardly know the food hygiene, flavor so some people may not confident enough to try it.

2.It is difficult to build a brand image and earn a lion share at first,not to mention attracting loyal consumers.

3.Due to the increasing rent recently,this restaurant is only occupied by 20 square metres and perhaps the layout may not comfort every customer.





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