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Four Function of Management

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Effective and efficient management are one of the keys to successful business organization. Management on any level embodies several components and processes, yet these sometimes complicated tasks can be summarized by the four functions of management. The first and arguably most important step is the planning stage. Planning is the first function of management. Planning involves specifying the goals that the company is to reach, and deciding how the company is going to reach those goals.

In-depth planning is required for most organizations. In depth planning includes anticipating future problems, choosing business strategies, and determining the resources needed to reach the company's goals. (Bateman & Snell, 2009) Planning is an essential function of management, and should not be taken lightly. Many a business has failed because they did not have an appropriate business plan.

Organization should go without saying. A good business is an organized one. Organization is essentially the coordination of all the resources needed to achieve a company's goals. "While determining the inside directorial configuration, management ought to look at the different divisions or departments.

Four Function of Management

They also see to the harmonization of staff, and try to find out the best way to handle the important tasks and expenditure of information within the company. Management determines the division of work according to its need. It also has to decide for suitable departments to hand over authority and responsibilities." (Pakhare, 2010)

Leading is the third function of management. This function helps management supervise and control actions taken by the staff. This assists the staff in reaching their company's goals and also helps their career and personal goals that can be driven by communication, dynamics, motivation, and departmental leadership. Employees that are highly motivated normally exceed their job responsibility and play a major role in reaching their company's goals. Here lies the reason manager's center on motivating their employees.

Prize and incentive programs centered on job performance can drive an employee and make him or her rise above their expectations. It's extremely important to keep a productive work environment to build interpersonal, positive relationships for problem solving. This can be done mainly with efficient communication. Understanding communication and the process is working towards the need improvements in your business. Managers need to become more effective at communicating to get through to their employees.

One of the finest techniques is finding the areas that require improvement and ask in regular intervals how well they are doing. This will lead to better relationships and help managers with better directing



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