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Mgt 330 - Functions of Management Paper

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Functions of Management

Isis C. Harvin


August 10, 2011

Patrick O'Connor

Functions of Management

A productive manager should have all four functions of management. According to management is the act or manner of managing; handling, direction, or control. With technology advancing and the world moving rapidly around us, management duty is to make changes and comply with the rules and regulations. Changes can be time management or technology. The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. All four of the functions affect company's growth by not only developing, but by the managers having the ability to comply with the changing environment surrounding them. This paper will expound on the four functions of management.

The first function of management is planning. Management outlook on the function of planning brings about settings of objectives, defining the objectives clearly and precise, and executing the objectives. Arranging a timeline and the assignments that will be executed at different times is a basic part of planning. The management team admeasures the budgeted resources to different activities and tasks. Management oversees the growth of the plan and makes corrective action when there is a conflict between the target growth and the work that is done.

Organizing is the important function of management and affects every aspect of management. For example, a retail manager arranges the sales department in a way that the objectives can be recognize by the sales team. This means the manager apprentice a sales person, train them, and assign territory for them. The manager develops a reporting system for the sales persons, organizes sales team, and evaluates their performance (Bartol. K, Martin. D & Tein. M 2004).

Leading function of management is very important as well as demanding. There are many specific roles that the manager has to execute as the leader of an organization. Leading means helping with the bottom line, it means positive and effective communication, it means ascending the self esteem, and stimulated employees. The leading role means that the acting manager who stimulates is the one that the employees find it easy to listen too and follow. Leadership function means the leaders normally train and keep the employees motivated so that goals can be achieved. Also, the manager should keep an open line of communication because the manager will be responsible for carrying out important information to the staff. This task will improve the understanding of the firm. Leadership means helping and influencing the employees so they can effectively achieve goals.



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