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Mgt 330 - Four Functions of Management

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Essay Preview: Mgt 330 - Four Functions of Management

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Week One Assignment: Four Functions of Management

Daniel L. Weaver

University of Phoenix

MGT 330 - Mike Dillhyon

May 20, 2011

Sound management is an essential part of successful businesses. Improper planning and supervision of subordinate personnel will ultimately result in lost business revenue and a working environment in which employees do not produce up to their potential. The author of this paper will define the four functions of management ( planning, organizing, leading, and controlling). An explanation of how each of the four functions of management relates to the United States Navy will be discussed.

The first function of management that the author of this paper will define is planning. Planning is the identifying goals of an organization and instituting a plan to achieve the goals. "Setting objectives for the goal and following up on the execution of the plan are two critical components of the planning function". (Rothbauer-Wanish, 2009). The author of this paper is currently assigned as the Postal Officer onboard the only forward deployed aircraft carrier in the United States Navy. Planning is important element working in the post office and as a supervisor. Each evolution must have a proper plan and communicated to all personnel involved because if all personnel are not briefed on what is exactly going to happen so that injuries can occur and mission can be compromised.

An example of planning that is involved in preparing the ship and the authors division to go underway on deployment. The author of this paper must ensure that enough stamp stock is ordered as well as postal supplies needed for the deployment because the next time that the ship might be able to receive stamp stock and postal supplies is somewhat limited. A mail routing instruction must be submitted prior to deployment to inform the mail routers on where and when to send the ships mail. Personnel planning is also important. The author of this paper must ensure that each of his personnel have the correct amount of uniforms onboard the ship prior to the deployment. A seabag inspection of each person must be planned which, allows them enough time to purchase any items missing taking into account paydays. The type of plan used in the United States Navy is called a plan of action and milestones. Items like those discussed above are included in the plan of action and milestones as well as when the action must be executed. The chain of command is informed on the situation and is briefed daily depending on how close the ship is to going on deployment.

The next function of management that will be discussed is organizing. Organization includes ensuring that the organization has enough personnel assigned to complete all taskings efficiently and that the personnel are qualified for the job. Ensuring that the organization has the proper resources is important also.

Organization in an afloat post office includes the correct manning and training of several personnel. The author of this paper is required to have personnel trained in various ship qualifications. Each person assigned to the post office must have a flight deck physical and qualified to work on the flight deck so that mail can be unloaded from incoming aircraft. A minimum of two personnel must be knowledgeable in window clerk operations and also one person must be qualified as a registered mail clerk. The registered mail clerk assignment is one of the most important positions in the post office because he or she is tasked with maintaining 100% accountability of all incoming and outgoing registered mail. The last requirement that the author of this paper is tasked with is validating that all personnel assigned to the post office have an active secret clearance. A secret clearance is required because



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