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Four Seasons in the Mind of the Man

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Essay Preview: Four Seasons in the Mind of the Man

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As John Keats famously wrote in his poem The Four Seasons, "Four Seasons fill the measure of the year; There are four seasons in the mind of the man", the human life does revolve around changes. These changes could be brought out by nature or by virtue of the thoughts and actions performed by man. Time is one such change that is inevitable, with which man has learned to live up with; trying in a never ending manner to make the most out of it.

With the passage of time, we bid adieu to another year; where seasons were synonymous with the changes in ourlives. Winter came and added an extra layer to our body, and we kept our friends close to maintain the warmness in our souls. Spring came bringing color and vibrancy all around, and we jumped with joy and grew restless in anticipation. Summer came along leaving us full of sweat making our lives hard, and we did the grind smiling while adjusting to the system. Autumn came blowing wind in our hair, and we flew around exploring new things and places. Again came Winter ready to make us shiver, but we were by now stronger, wiser and merrier.

Thus, as we welcome a new year, we know that it will bring changes to us and things around that will be for the better. We wish for the same, hoping to share some of the cherished moments and splendid thoughts that will mark the incep-tion of a better us.



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