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Four Seasons

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There are four seasons in a year in Vietnam. They are spring, summer, fall and winter.

The first season of the year is spring. It starts in January and ends in March. The weather is great. It isn't as cold as winter or as hot as summer. You can hear the birds singing and you can see the beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. Spring brings warmth and joy to us. In this season, we celebrate the Tet holidays. Everyone loves spring because it's a wonderful season.

The second season of the year is summer. The sky is blue and clear. Students have a three-month summer vacation. They love summer. They can do a lot of things with our families and friends. This season starts in April and ends in June. It's so hot so many people like going swimming.

After the summer is the fall. It starts in July and ends in September. It's cool and I love going jogging in the park with my family. The sky looks higher than usual. Cool winds start blowing. The trees drop their leaves and get ready for a cold winter. The air is so fresh. It's a beautiful season.

Finally, the fourth season is winter. It's usually cold. The black clouds cover the sky. It's hard to see the sun. Sometimes there is rain and people don't want to go outside, they like sitting next to the fireplace and talking with their family. There aren't many people on the streets. You can't see any birds and you can't hear their songs. Winter is a sad season.

I love all the seasons in the year.



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