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Fs Narrative

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JULY 12, 2016

9:45-10:45        Science 8        Grade 8 Diamond

        Since this will be our first time to observe at Cauayan National High School – Research Extension, and we are the very first batch to conduct our observation in the said school, we arrived at exactly 9:30 in the morning to have a courtesy call to Ms. Nida Pinlac, Teacher-In-Charge for CCNHS-Research Extension. After such, we are escorted to our respective areas.

        The class that I am going to observe is the Grade 8 Diamond. I introduced myself to the teacher and stated my purpose. I was well accommodated during my stay. In fact they even offered me a seat.

        The first few minutes were good. Until I began to feel the warm temperature of the room which made me and the students uncomfortable. The teacher started by giving the students a recap of the lesson that they have discussed last meeting. She expresses joy and enthusiasm in her tone which made the students really participate in the discussion. The time allotted for the subject is from 9:45-10:45, which constitutes to only an hour. I kept track of the time. One thing I noticed is that the review part was consuming a lot of time. The time was already on its halfway when the teacher finished the review. I guess it took a lot of time because the teacher entertains every student’s unnecessary action.

        After that, she just introduced the next lesson, explained it briefly, and then gave an assignment.

10:45 – 11:45        English 8        Grade 8

        I followed the students to their next class which is English. As a protocol, I introduced myself to the teacher and stated my purpose. The teacher then started her class by announcing to the students that there will be an activity fo today. She explained the instructions of the activity and then distributed a handout to every student on where the activity is written. She gave the students 30 minutes to accomplish the activity.

        I noticed that the students are a bit doing unnecessary behaviors. The teacher calls their attention and told them to stop. A lot of students also have questions about the activity, which the teacher entertained to be able to make the students understand the activity and answer the questions in it. The activity took much of the time that they only have 15 minutes left before dismissal. The teacher then ordered the students to pass their papers so that they can already check them.

        After checking their papers, the teacher dismissed the class.

JULY 19, 2016

9:45-10:45        Science 8        Grade 8

        This is our second time to observe at Cauayan City National high School – Research extension. As usual, we arrived 15 minutes earlier than our scheduled time for us to be able to prepare ourselves. As the bell rang, we all went directly to our respective areas.

        Since the seats were arranged in a half square shape, there is a vacant space in the middle. And the first thing that I noticed is the presence of three (3) units of stand fans in the middle. I believe that this technology is integrated in the classroom to be able to address to the previous problem inside the classroom which is the very warm temperature which made the students, and even I, very uncomfortable.



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