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Narrative About an Effective Writing Experience

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Essay Preview: Narrative About an Effective Writing Experience

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Sandip Patel


A Literacy Narrative about an Effective Writing Experience

Honestly, Writing is not my subject, but to make anyone understand about the reality, writing is the best option. Writing is the way to express our feeling towards the subject that we talk about. I did not believe in writing process; however, after my experience with the example of Manav, my friend, I changed my mind towards writing.

Manav started smoking since he was thirteen. I hated it from beginning. His parents and I tried a lot to stop him to smoke. He never listened us, so we stopped telling him about it. I moved in USA since 2006. After I started my volunteer work in USA in Dover hospital, I saw too many cases of smokes. People in young age suffer from lung cancer. I have seen them dying because of smoke. Whenever I see people with lung cancer due to smoke, I think of Manav right away. Finally, I thought of writing a letter to him describing all these cases in briefly. The pain that those cancer patients had, was hard to describe in small words.

That letter affect Manav deeply because the words that I used to describe the pain of those smokers' who died due to smoking, and also the pain of those who are still suffering with the lung cancer. Those words worked as my eyes and showed Manav those patients suffer. That letter changed his mind and thought about smoking which ended up in quitting smoke.



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