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"going up in L.A" What Makes This Excerpt Good Narrative Writing?

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Essay Preview: "going up in L.A" What Makes This Excerpt Good Narrative Writing?

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Ruby longs to escape from Darwin, a slaver, and his overseers. After witnessing so many beatings, she has finally had enough. To the Congregation she is "special" because she is the daughter of their "God", Otto, who has been gone to find help to free the Congregation. The only thing that keeps the Congregation alive is her blood, it's in the cisterns. Something comes across her path of praising and believing in Otto though, love... a man named Ford. Escaping the Congregation would mean everything to her.

My very first impression of this book was satisfying. At first I didn't understand it, but I finally did by continuing to read on. The book is called "Drought" for a certain reason. The Congregation are slaves to a guy named Darwin. Their everyday work is scraping water off of leaves to fill cisterns full. The Congregation strives to stay alive with the cruel beatings hoping and praying Otto returns to free them. One of the things that stood out to me in this book was how it seemed like a fantasy, somewhere else that no one has seen. Another thing would be how it was so tensed throughout the book. Overall, the book had interesting and surprising parts. The story was put together very well. The only thing I did not understand was why the author said they have been slaves to Darwin for 200 years. I wish that would've been explained more.

The main character is a 17-year-old girl named Ruby. She's known to be Otto's daughter. She likes to explore a lot of different things, such as wondering why her father hasn't returned yet, and the outside world. Her mother, Sula, has raised Ruby on her own ever since she was born. She's very protective and strong. There are a couple of other characters mentioned later on. The rising action was actually the beginning of the book when Otto was gone. The climax would be when the "Visitor" comes to check the cisterns that the Congregation has tried to fill with water. Finally, the falling action is when something happens to Darwin. Do I think the story could have been done in a better way? No, I think that it was understand-able, and it was told in a excellent way.

Ruby can relate to people my age in various ways. I think that a lot of adults don't accept the fact that teenagers know more than what they think. They act as if we don't know a lot of things, and that's how Ruby can relate to us. She sticks to being herself, rather than being controlled, and



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