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Functions of a Parole

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Week 9 Homework

Introduction to Corrections - 8

September 15, 2012

Shannon A. Dunbar

What are the job functions of a parole officer? The duties of a parole officer are equivalent to a probation officer. They include supervising offenders who are placed back into society by having personal contact with the offenders and their families. Parole officers are employed by the state. They are also described as being an armed police officer who has the authority to arrest. They assist offenders when it comes to them readjusting to the outside world again and help them find housing as well as a job. They also watch the offender's behavior to make sure that the parole requirements are adhered to.

What are the pros and cons of the position? The pros to this position include having the ability to help someone get a second chance at life once they are released from prison. The parole officer plays an intricate part in a parolee's life. They help them readjust to society by helping them find jobs and housing. The cons of this position it is a dangerous job and there is always that possibility that a parolee might not decide to do the right thing once they are paroled. Another con would be becoming emotionally attached to certain offenders whether it be wanted them to succeed and they let you down. Becoming emotionally attached may cause added stress to the job.

What are your recommendations for entering the field? My recommendations to someone who wants to be a parole or probation officer would be to makes sure they know the risks within the job. You should know your limits and try not to become emotionally involved in cases.

Are you interested in this career? Why or why not? I have thought about once I received my Bachelor's if I would pursue a career as a probation officer. Parole officer never really crossed my mind. I took in consideration my age, sex, and what level I may start at and wasn't quite sure. I think it is something that I may be good at but not quite sure if I would be able to handle the stress or the emotional burdens that I may encounter with different offenders.


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