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Funding a Business Venture

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Essay Preview: Funding a Business Venture

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Funding a business venture

Tamie Martz

American Intercontinental University


Starting a business, there is so much to learn and search out. Dealing with investment banking, stock markets, financial management and risk financing and deciding what would be best for your company. Every company runs their business in different ways and so many decisions making in the process. Having a company takes work, and a lot of patience. A few things to consider for a business would be, how you will make money, are you good at what you do, experience, is there competition, are you good with people and what the market demand is.

As I think about how I need to fund my business, here is some way to consider. And ways I didn't even think about, until I did some research.

Investment banker, for a good definition investment bankers they help companies raise money, when issue securities in a primary market. Investment banking involves in many areas like strategic adversary, service for mergers or financial services for clients, such as trading of derivatives, foreign exchanges and fixed income. It is divided in two groups like industry coverage, and product coverage. The industry focuses on heath care, industry, and technology. The product overage focuses on financial products, such as mergers and acquisitions, leveraged finance, equity and high grade debt. What exactly is an Investment Banker?

(Find out how investment bankers differ from other funding sources and what they can do for your business. By Jim Casparie | June 12, 2007,

The stock market is a price of business a person can buy. Someone who buys stock in the company is called a stockholder, and when you have a stock in the company, means that own a part of a company. People who invest they hope to make more money then what they invested. People make money in stocks when companies grow. Stocks rise when people want to buy the company's products and stocks. There are three major exchanges in the U.S., the NYSE, American stock exchange and the national association of securities dealers. With the advancement of technology it's made possible to trade stock with the phone and on the computer. (The Stock Market: Understanding and Applying Ratios, Decimals, Fractions ...

By Orli Zuravicky )

Risk financing, deals with process of managing and the risk of consequences of residual risk through products like insurance contracts, and CAT bonds which are mutual funds. It is also known as a broader class of assets, they are known as event linked bonds. Risk financing is an integral part of the economic policy. It is important for proactive and strategic frame work of disaster risk management. To look at risk financing there are three pillars of frame work.



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