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Gap Incorporated Going Too Far?

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Essay Preview: Gap Incorporated Going Too Far?

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Gap Incorporated's various policies and mottos come across as meaningless since they do not seem to be following their principle, of "doing what's right"1. This is proved as Gap Inc. had always relocated to avoid paying low wages to employees and for material. "... has moved the location of its factories many times in order to take advantage of low wages, availability of raw materials..."1 They have not done what was right since they have had employees work in poor conditions-close enough to the standard of a slave. They have taken advantage of developing countries such as a city in India to manufacture their clothing at unfair prices. "... children at work in a New Delhi, India, sweatshop."7 Gap Inc. has a safety policy for its workers and the workers in developed countries are treated fairly and protected, yet the workers in the manufacturing plants deem it inexistent. There are no proper working conditions in the factories in India and it was repeated more than once that the plant had no rules at all. What's more, Gap later fired various factory owners proving that no check on the employees was performed occasionally that they have not bothered to make check-ups on the employees on a regular basis. "...blamed the alleged abuse on an unauthorized subcontractor for one of its Indian vendors and said the subcontractor's relationship with the Gap had been "terminated"".3 Therefore, Gap Inc. has not always been a company who followed their own words, as they resorted to relocations, guile and indecent factory partnerships.

Gap Incorporated like other companies has its own code of conducts, some for the responsible conduction of business and others for the vendor, yet they do not appear to follow them. Gap clearly declared, "...the code is designed to prevent conflicts of interest by employees, ensure our compliance with laws..."4 They have stated that they would be in compliance with laws yet, they treated their employees unfairly. They are worked long hours and with hardly any pay. "...designed to ensure that garment workers are paid fairly, work a reasonable number of hours, and do their work in a safe, healthy environment."5 Yet they have broken laws by forcing labour in impoverished countries, with long hours but little wages and poor working conditions. This code has been recognized since 1969, and today, they are not abiding by its Code of Vendor Conduct, as it clearly stated, "Our code states that factories must abide by all applicable laws and regulations."6 Therefore, the Gap Inc. has violated the Code of Conducts, regardless of the firm statements. However, they have not only disobeyed their codes; they have robbed impoverished children and adults of their rights.

There were also several shocking reports of child labour in their factories. As sweatshops were searched, preteens and children were found working away in New



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