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Gay Adoption and Gay Marriage

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Gay Adoption and Gay Marriage

Homosexuality is becoming more and more accepted and integrated into today's society, however, when it comes to homosexuals establishing families, this is where the problem occurs. In most states, homosexuals can adopt children like any other married or single adult. But there are many arguments to this divisive topic; some people believe that it should be legal on a national scale, while others would prefer that is was banned everywhere, or at least in their individual states. There are logical reasons to allow gays to adopt children, but for some, these reasons are not enough. The main issue really is, what is in the best interest of the child? Or, what is in the best interest of the nation? Like any other adoption situation, a parent proves themselves to be responsible and capable enough to raise a child on their own, or with a spouse.

This problem or issue is one that is proving to be a bigger one than many people most likely expected. In Today's more liberal society, homosexuality seeing more acceptance than ever before. Homosexuals and heterosexuals alike have parental instincts and are as interested in beginning families and raising children. A family should be based on love and trust, if these two elements are present in a relationship, homosexual or heterosexual, there would be no reason that the environment the couple creates for a child would be bad. Some say the homosexual lifestyle will cause the child to endure their adopted parent's sexual orientation because mentally they would presume to think this is accepted and maybe what is normal in society. Is this really the true reasons people object to gay adoption, or is it all based on religious beliefs and values?



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