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Why Gay Marriage Should Be Illegal?

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Essay Preview: Why Gay Marriage Should Be Illegal?

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Why Gay Marriage Should be Illegal

Homosexuality is everywhere. If you examine the issue of Gay Marriage and truly understand the pros and cons you can be able to understand the importance of making same-sex marriage illegal in the United States. We see gay couples everywhere now a day, we see it in the mainstream media a lot and it's slowly becoming a social norm. Therefore Legalize gay marriage naturally arises. There are several fundamental reasons why the right to marriage should only be given to a man and a woman. The legal or biblical definition of marriage is: the union between a man and a woman. Relationships between same sex genders are not healthy and are not morally or socially accepted. Marriage between same sex genders is not socially correct, because same sex genders can't procreate and without that variable our society would cease to exist. These arguments alone give enough reason or evidence that prevents gay marriage.

Firstly I disagree with the legalization of homosexual unions, I am a Christian and I believe that such people should not have the same rights as normal people like us, that is,

adoption should be given to (male couples and wife) which can't have children, and not such

people. When did the notion of man and woman change to be man and man or woman and woman. When did we lose our moral and ethical values? I believe that denying homosexual couples the right to marriage is the most logical approach, the cause of suffering and a radical change with grave detriment of the common good. If Gay marriage is legalized then our future children will grow up thinking that this is a standard, it deforms the consciences, especially the younger ones. They also tend to modify the younger generations. The role of our government is to promote the common good, which should

protect the natural family, not counting all the other forms of illicit union. To legalize gay marriage means delivery of children to homosexuals. Nowadays in our cities and societies, we experience the effects of unhealthy marriages between men and women our divorce rates are sky high. Now if we introduce a new norm a new type of definition to marriage we will add to the confusion a lot of our kids are facing with normal marriages, we will add to the instability that comes from marriage or exists. The only healthy and moral decision for the foundation of a better society is to not legalize Gay marriage.

The existence of religious pluralities within a country seems to have had a less determinate effect on the outcome of same-sex marriage debates. In some such countries, including the United States, consensus on this issue was difficult to reach. On the other hand, the Netherlands--the first country to grant equal marriage rights to same-sex couples (2001)--was religiously diverse, as was Canada, which did so in 2005. (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Only man and woman are suitable to breed and that was determined since we we're created by God it was his only purpose. If God had intended for same sex relations to be ethically or morally correct he would have created two Adam's or two Eve's. But the fact is he didn't he created Adam and Eve. The legal or biblical definition of marriage is: the union between a man and a woman. Relationships between same sex genders are not healthy and are not morally or socially accepted: Because their relationship is the only body capable of procreating new members of the human species. 'We believe that marriage is beautiful and sacred. It is the ultimate expression of a loving commitment between a man and a woman for life.' (National Marriage Coalition 2004: 2) Because their interpersonal relationship is the most suitable for breeding, protect and educate. This service is so important and beneficial to society that deserves legal protection. The perils of the fatherless family are, for example, a key plank of the right's defense of heterosexual marriage (Muehlenberg



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