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Gay Marriage

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Essay Preview: Gay Marriage

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Traditionally, when people talk about marriage, they prefer to define it as a long term relationship between a man and a woman. However, as time passes by, the conceptual meaning of marriage is changing. There are a lot of issues about permitting gay marriage in the United States. In my opinion, the traditional marriage between men and women is always the foundation of forming a family, so I don't think that same sex marriage should be permitted.

First of all, I think that marriage should be like part of human nature: consist of a man and a woman to build up a family together. That kind of family is called the foundation of marriage. Sam Schulman once said: "Men and women can only marry because they belong to opposite sexes and they come together to create new entity."(Sam Schulman, para.15) By permitting gay marriage, it will weaken the traditional family value. The idea of gay marriage not only takes away the traditional family value, but also the essential part of marriage, meaning that it would keep affecting to our future generation, the population can't be developed, then the real meaning of marriage would be lost.

I think that gay marriage will harm most of the women, like Sam Schulman says: "The institution has to do with women far more than it has to do with men, women will be the victims of its destruction."( Sam Schulman, para.17) And with the success of gay marriage, the essential that belong to women is being taken away. In a gay family, one of the two men has to be the women and has to act like a women and a wife; and because the man that act like the woman doesn't know and will not know how the real woman should be, so his acting is just insulting to women.

In my opinion, the success of gay marriage will be going to affect for young kids. It's true that more kids would be adopted by gays parents; however, those kids would get confused about their gay parents compare to other normal kids' families because their parents are either both males or both females, so they don't know what is happening between their family. I also think that those kids don't have enough care of both father and mother. Even the gay parents send their kids to other normal families to let them take care of the kids and to let those kids know how it feel of having both mother and father, I think the gay parents should be the ones that have responsibility about taking care of their own kids. If these gay couples couldn't take care of the kids and be as role models for them, why should they even get married together and have children? People say that for those kids who live in gay families, they would be more open about the gay couples and it will be great because they wouldn't feel weird about gay relationship, but as they grow up, they would become gays like their gay parents. At that time, more and more complicated relationship will formed as Sam Schulman



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