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Gay Marriages

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Essay Preview: Gay Marriages

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home. My father was air wing so they wore flights suits, so the symbolism of the dark

green one piece jumper told people that were involved with airplanes in one way or the


As a whole I understand that at a time of war we need decision makers. Symbols

reinforce this chain of command to military personal and their families. Every day,

on every military base, in every state not only in this country but worldwide children

grow up like me euphemism brat. Discipline was instilled in me at a very young age.

I did not know that other kids might not necessarily respond with a yes sir or no Ma'am.

Conclusion, when I look back at my interactions with this culture and its symbolic

nature good and bad. I am reminded of the time I was in my living room and a friend

of mine (who just happened to be a Lt. colonel) was on the phone with a full bird

colonel he started speaking in code. I felt I was in the twilight zone because the works

coming out of his mouth was English Swahili, for I couldn't comprehend a thing.

Suddenly one of our symbols took on a new meaning and I was an outsider, was my friend

acting in the best interest. I hope so frankly, there are some things I don't need to know,

but having such a curious nature my questions are never ending. When it comes to the

(un) ethical nature of the power elite C W Mills I will take my mother's advice when she

said "Don't barrow trouble".



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