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The Just or Unjust - World War 2

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Essay Preview: The Just or Unjust - World War 2

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There was also a very tragic and devastating event going around the world at the start of World War Two. This is known as the Great Depression which was a crash in the stock market that put many industrialized countries in a very poor economic state. This event lasted from 1929 to 1939. There are many reasons why the Great Depression occurred. The first and most significant cause was the Stock Market crashing. In 1929 the stock plummeted to dangerously low numbers. For the next three years these numbers continued to drop until they were nearly 20 percent of what they were in 1929.

There were many individual investors that were affected by the crash. Eleven thousand of the twenty-five thousand banks in the United States ended up failing which left many people in the country running to the banks. With all of this economic downfall many people were losing hope and confidence in the government. That is where President Franklin D. Roosevelt came into the picture.

He was in a dangerous situation. If he would have done nothing and tried to not spend and save the country money he would have probably made the situation worse. He did many things to try and regulate and change the economy such as government regulation and other sorts of public strategies to try and promote the recovery the country so needed. They were at rock bottom with little to no escape except a large spending opportunity that would increase the number of jobs in the United States but also would boost the public's involvement in the recovery. In 1941, the United States entered World War Two. There were many people that were afraid of entering the war because of World War One. They were afraid of the loses we suffered in previous wars.

F.D.R. was very smart to enter the war. Upon entering World War Two the number of jobs in the United States increased drastically. The war brought more oversea orders of military supplies needed from the US. At this time the United States were one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. The rise in these military supplies created jobs all across the US.

One of the main reasons the United States entered World War Two was because of the devastating attack by Japanese forces. This attack was lead by the Imperial Japanese Navy. They wanted to conduct a surprise attack on the United States. They found Pearl Harbor on an island in Hawaii. This became known as the Battle of Pearl Harbor.

What made this attack so significant was the fact that Pearl Harbor was the biggest naval base the United States had. The Japanese tactic was to stop the United States naval fleet from interfering with Japans future plans on attacking areas in Southeast Asia. They wanted to have no other complications other than the resistance from the areas they were to attack.

The battle occurred on December 7th, 1941. The harbor was attacked by over three hundred and fifty fighters,



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