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Genetic Engineering

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Essay Preview: Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering refers to the ability of taking genes and fragments of DNA in a specific species and putting them in different species, thus, altering the genome of the modified organism. The mutated genes can be passed down from parents to their offspring, influencing further generations with the altered gene. Genetic engineering should not be stopped in plants, animals, or humans, however there should be limits scientists are given by the government on modifying all three species.

Genetic engineering can be used not only to insert genes from one species into another, but it can also be used to alter and modify the genome of a specific organism. By engineering a humans genome, a scientist can take out the segment of DNA that causes the entire double helix to be mutated. Some genetic diseases can be extracted from the genome and the DNA as well, such as dwarfism and hemophilia, thus eradicating it from the human species. I think a limit should be placed on the genetic engineering of humans however, because the process is not perfected. This science has only been around for about 35 years, and the affects of it under all circumstances are not yet certain. It is hard to experiment with the science if it is not allowed by the government, and for this reason, I believe people who give consent and allow themselves to be practiced on should be the ones scientists use to experiment on. This should be done in hopes to perfect the science as a whole.

Since animals such as fruit flies reproduce at such a fast rate, it does not matter as much if they are practiced on. Animals which reproduce fast and have specific phenotypes are the animals which are ideal to base data on when studying the alterations of genomes. It is easy to note the effects of altered genomes, and thus, altered phenotypes, since the connection is direct when the phenotypes are so profound. Although not all animals reproduce at such a quick rate, I still believe animals are the organisms which should be genetic engineered the most. This allows


scientists to learn more about the art without interfering with the common rights given to all humans which are protected by the government.

Plant modification should be limited in some senses. Scientists should practice on plants that are not yet on the verge of being instinct, unless their experiments are already tested and proven to be correct. If scientists make an error while genetically engineering a plant which is already rare, they have made the chances of eradicating the plant from our planet. The limitations should be lesser and lesser from humans to animals to plants, however they should still be there. Since genetically engineering plants is not morally wrong, it should be practiced on the most. Certain plants also have specific phenotypes such as the pea plant which Gregor Mendl worked with in history.



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