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George Bailey Case

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Essay Preview: George Bailey Case

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George Bailey was a different kind of man. This was because of his distinctive look. Also, all through the movie his emotions were changing. In the beginning he was a happy man who just wanted to help every one else. Then, more towards the climax he was angry, mad and hysterical. Lastly, towards the conclusion George he was ecstatic to see everyone and he understood how lucky and wonderful his life was.

George Bailey had a distinctive look because of three things. One part of his look that made it so special is his clothes. This is because George only wore very professional clothing which makes him stand out from others. Another reason is that George was very tall. He was more than less likely over six feet which makes him stand out because most people aren't that tall. Lastly, George looked different because of the slicked back hair that not a lot of people have.

His emotions in the beginning are healthy and happy ones. In the beginning George is a good man who just wants to help others and feels compassionate for them. Also, George wants to find love and have a family which he does, three kids and a caring wife. Lastly, he is caring and understanding to all people. This is what George Bailey was like at the beginning but in the climax he is completely different.

Towards the climax George becomes angry, frustrated and hating. This was brought about when his bank goes into fore closer. When this happens he lets his emotions get the better of him and he starts yelling at his friends, wife and kids. After he had yelled at all his loved ones he thought about committing suicide but, before he could Clarence, the angle, convinced him not to and showed him what a wonderful life he really had.

This brings us to the emotions of George Bailey had at the end of It's a Wonderful Life. In the end George was ecstatic to see all of his friends and family who actually do remember him and still care for him and help him even though he yelled at them. Also George was going back to being his normal helpful self in minutes of being "reborn."

George Bailey was a distinct man with a stylish look that could only be matched by his changing emotions. Also, George has many friends and family who stay loyal to him no matter how angry he gets and how much he yells at them. That is who George Bailey is and will always be for the remainder of his life, a helpful man.



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