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George Sanders and Analytical Essay About His Speech ”commencement Address”

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Essay Preview: George Sanders and Analytical Essay About His Speech ”commencement Address”

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George Sanders and analytical essay about his speech ”Commencement address”

The commencement address is a speech written by George Saunders who is an American writer and a university professor. He wrote this speech in may 2013 for his class. His speech is about his personal life his road to successes his ups and downs. He delivered the speech in the circumstances of the graduation ceremony to his class. He tells us how we should be as human beings that we should not be jealous, unkind and selfish but we should always be helpful and always compliment each other because a world with KINDNESS he uses the words kindness a lot because he tells us a story about how importance it is to be kind because if you are not kind to people maybe later on in your life u will experience something that will backfire and will ruin your life.

He starts the speech with a joke by this we can see that he wants the attention from the young group that he is presenting the speech to. He also tells u show normal a speech is hold by some guy or girl that is now so important and telling about their life’s and what he would keep this tradition because that is the way to hold a good speech. Later on in the text he tells us about how deeply sorry he is for is former classmate, that he wasn’t kinder towards her although that he never was unkind to her but I thinks that he could maybe do a difference so she would be happier and maybe stay and not move. Saunders thinks that he could had been more kind towards people in his life, he tells us that it’s our ego that play a big roll in why we are not kind. He explains us that from benefiting from education and other sort of acts like hanging out with friend can be steps closer to being kinder in life. Besides, Saunders claims that as people we often with age become kinder and kinder. For example as we grow up we get more experience on life and the meaning of it, He reference to disappointments and failures things that teach us people what really matters in life according to Saunders. In line (155-160) “One thing in our favors some of this becoming kinder thing happens naturally with age it might be a simple matter of attrition as we get older we come to see how useless it is to be selfish how illogical really” He talks about that he wants to become a father and that its really important that parents show their child a lot of kindness and support so the child will show people how good he/she is risen. At the end of the speech he summits to his students about succeeding in life, and how importance it is to be successful.   (209-216) ‘Succeeding,’ whatever that might mean to you, is hard, and the need to do so constantly renews itself (success is like a mountain that keeps growing ahead of you as you hike it), and there’s the very real danger that ‘succeeding’ will take up your whole life, while the big questions go untended.



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