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Hamlet: Analytic Essay

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Essay Preview: Hamlet: Analytic Essay

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The book Hamlet by Shakespeare is quite an interesting novel and it describes many scenes in which people are being betrayed or fooled by unsuspected people. I have chosen to write about many of the different characters that play roles in this vivid novel. It always seems like our characters are changing and throughout the story which isn't always common in a regular book. Characters in Hamlet always find a way to get involved in eachothers' business some way or another.

The first character I will describe and analyze is our main character Hamlet. Hamlet defintely dominates the entire tragedy of this shakespearian novel. Hamlet doesn't start the play as such a demanding figure though. In the first parts of the entire play Hamlet as seen as defensive and he is very passive in what is going on around him. Hamlet's role starts to take a turn as he finds out his father is the ghost and that he is guilty of regicide. Hamlet starts to be come more or an emotionally vicious character with everyone he decides to interact with. He looks to solve his problems and knows that people are out to get him.

The next character I will describe is Claudius also known as the King of Denmark. Claudius is a character who is against Hamlet. Claudius is Hamlets uncle but he definetly does not show Hamlet support like an uncle would. He is a King that is very cruel and unfair. His moves as a King are never ethical or moral. It is not suprising that we learn that Claudius killed his brother out of pure jealousy to gain the role as the King of Denmark. Claudius' actions describe his complete cruelty and thirst for rotten power as a monster on his throne. The king that Claudius had killed was his brother which meant that it was Hamlets father. This can give you a hint that Hamlet is not a fan of Claudius and his ways of ruling Denmark. The Former King Hamlet come back as a ghost and speaks to Hamlet many times and gives him advice on how to go about his problems which usually involve Claudius.

The third important character in the play is indeed Gertrude. Gertrude is the Queen of Denmark next to King Claudius. Gertrude is also Hamlet's mother. This once again shows why Hamlet is so angry. Gertrude married Claudius 2 months after he had murdered the former King Hamlet whom she was married too. She plays almost a thorn in Hamlet's side because she goes against Hamlet by marrying his enemy Claudius right after Hamlet's beloved father had been killed by the ever so evil Claudius. Queen Gertrude almost puts Hamlet in a whirling ball of drama therefore calling this book a tragedy. Hamlet needs to be able to balance out all of these conflicting problems and his anger towards his mother and Claudius. Gertrude really doesn't play that big part of a role in the play though. She has few lines but what she has done to Hamlet has really betrayed him and thats how she effects him mostly.

The next character is the Ghost or also



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