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Glass Egg Digital Media Resource and Capabilities

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Essay Preview: Glass Egg Digital Media Resource and Capabilities

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Glass Egg Digital Media Resource and Capabilities

The first struggle Glass Egg Digital came across was that they were falling behind in technology. For example they had great experience with 2D environments, but the market was demanding for 3D, some of their competitors also had a better step up on them. A good strategic move was to keep as much of the artist talent and use the strength and expertise of their 2D experience to develop into the popular 3D atmosphere. Glass Egg started out having great talent in the 2D field, but also set aside some time for 3D innovations where 3D artists were rather hard to come by. A good strategy I came up with regards to 3D field was to have a separate more experienced set of artists that worked just on 3D, but not be too distant from the less experienced older artists like the 2D artists. A 3D training system would be necessary and may be possible to use this system for new hires. Reid also had great networking skills that helped him with funding, which in turn made him able to keep his artists.

Glass Egg really started to get going due to their management skills through communications and networking. For instance they found other opportunities with the animation business. They were really good at using their strengths and thinking outside the box to expand/maintain their business. A weakness that occurred after the animation opportunity was with advertising. I thought they were doing a little too much and should have left the marketing to the advertising agencies. Glass Egg should just focus on what they are good at, which is art and animation.

Glass Egg stayed in business due to their relationships with their clients and great leadership with their management team. Later on the Glass Egg firm was doing really well financially and was looking into expanding ideas. My thoughts were to stick with specializing into their car animation and possibly create a car game if they had the right personnel for it to work. The case mentions that MMO games are very popular and getting more popular today. So if they decided to make a game it should be some type of MMO car game, with high end graphics, maybe something similar to grand theft auto, but have it on all platforms and have internet capability.



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