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Global Warming

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Essay Preview: Global Warming

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Specific Goal: I want my audience to realize how global warming affects the whole world.

Introduction: Prior to the advancement of the industrial age, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was about 280 PPM (parts per million),and today its over 360 PPM which is a 30 % increase. According to Jeffery Chanton PH.D at Florida state university.

Transition: If global warming keeps accelerating at the rate it is, by 2100 the CO2 in the air will double and which will start to kill off plants and animals.

Thesis statement: As people we are the biggest calyptrate of global warming and we need to stop using fossil fuels as they have built up in the atmosphere and break down the atmosphere.

(Transition: first lets look at where the problem lies)

Body Part 1: The Problem

I. Elevated CO2 affects our ecosystems and it breaks down the atmosphere.

A. Change plants and animal habits

1. Species and plants will die

2. Alter rain fall patterns

B. Greenhouse effect

1. Warms up the surface of the earth

2. Unbearable for humans

Body Part 2: The Solutions

II. There are many ways to help stop global warming

A. Drive less

1. Reduces amount of fossil fuel released in the air

B. Buy energy efficient appliances

1. Uses less energy to run

C. Use compact florescent light bulbs

1. Uses less energy and a lot less energy and materials to produce

(I talked about some personal solutions but now lets talk about the best solution to global warming)

Body Part 3: The Best Solution

III. Investing in renewable resources

A. Using energy more efficient


I. To save the world for the future generations we need to find alternative fuels and quit using fossil fuels.



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