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Globalization Case

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Globalization arises from the expansion of worldwide integration in political, economic and cultural spheres. The process is driven intensely by increasing technological advances in telecommunications, notably the "internet" which helped induce "further interdependence of economic and cultural activities" (Guyford 1972) . The proliferation of interaction abilities on a global scale including easier means of transportation all serve to precipitate the movement of "ideas, news, goods, information, capital and technology"(Baylis et al 2011) on a global scale. Most observers characterize globalization as a product of the age of modernity, whereby growing consensus over intellectualism and scientific development compelled international actors to collaborate interdependently for their own gains and as a means of adaptation, the alternative of which was isolation and arguably underdevelopment as witnessed in states such as North Korea.

Politically, globalization has gradually diminished the power of the nation-state with the erection of supra-state institutions such as the EU which substantially influences legislative and economic functions of its signatories with regulations and directives. The spread of ideas also facilitates the establishment and growth of non-governmental organisations which cast an enormous web of scrutiny and propulsion upon states, the most renowned of which is possibly Amnesty International operating with activists at cross-national boundaries, the group proved massively conducive to unveiling atrocities perpetrated by the Syrian regime in the course of the unrest since march 2011.

Globalization had also taken a cultural form, inducing a decline in community isolation internationally, the activities trans-national corporations of western derivation in Less economically developed countries have led to some analysts describing a new form of financial-cultural colonisation often referred to as "Americanisation" (Daniel Conversi 2010)



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