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Good Country People

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"Good Country People," is a story about deception. Flannary O'Conner uses vivid details in the opening to describe the characters, so you get the since of a personal connection with the people. One day this bible salesman came up to the door, claiming he was doing his service for the lord by selling bibles. The guy came across as a good countryman, or so he claimed. After staying him welcome, he was escorted to the gate by Hulga, resorting in a date the next day at ten. That next day he went to the gate to pick up Hulga and the two of them went to the barn. As emotions got heated he asked to take off her wooden leg. At first she was wary of the situation but eventually gave in. It turned out that the bible salesman wasn't at all who he said he was, but just simply a con artist. He went house to house, playing this role of a sickly Christian boy. But was clear that he was nothing but a common thief as he walked away with her glasses and peg leg.


My take on this story was that, you really cant trust people in this day and age. What one guy did, was put up this front on random people just to deceive them by stealing precious items. I guess it goes to show that some things, like religion, can be looked at as a comforting feeling. And when most people look at a "Christian" they get a warm, comforting vibe off them, with the traits of being trustworthy, loyalty, and kindness that is just bestowed in them. It didn't shock me that he did the things he did after admitting to Hulga that he wasn't who he said he was. This kind of trait in people that you just cannot trust. Deception can turn someone's whole life into a lie. If you walk around everyday in a lie. You might as well be damned, here on the earth.


This story reminded me of the time I was in New Orleans. I was walking on Bourbon street with a group of peers, and I noticed this guy with a dog sitting on the corner. At that time of day the streets were crowded with venders and street performers. As we walked past this guy he asked me if I could spare some money for some dog food. I looked at this poor pathetic husky puppy and my heart just reached in my wallet and gave him six dollars. I discreetly followed the bum to see if he was an honest man. It goes to show how many few honest people are still out their cause he walked right in the ABC store nod got his fix of whisky. I wasn't really mad just felt sorry for the guy that had to result on a lie, to get what he wanted.



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