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Gun Control

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Essay Preview: Gun Control

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There has been many fatal massacres throughout the last couple of years like the Dec. 14, 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School and other massive shootings like the deadly movie theater shooting. After these incidents following it there is always a debate of gun safety. But despite these conversations Congress has taken no affect dealing with the gun law. The latest polls state that there is a masive support for extreme measures to make the backround checks for guns more thorough.The anti-gun side has been more vocal with their concerns because of these horror movie like tragedies and they have a reason. In American politics, the recent gun control debate has been a hot topic lately. The pro-gun side have the NRA(National Rifle Association) on their side which has been an orgazanation that has promoted gun ownership for 100+ years.They are all for guns and will continue to promote as long as the laws states that they can. Politicians are worried because the NRA is one of the top three influential lobbying groups. In American politics, it's the loudest voices that are heard. The NRA is a successful and well-oiled program because they have an overabundance of independent gun magazines and a countless amount of gun shops and clubs all over the country to spread the word .For sure, gun control laws definitely have a correlation with gun-related deaths, believe it or not although you hear a lot of deaths by gun, the top four death reasons are all health-related. Although there are more health-related deaths I hear more about gun control issues in America than any health-related issues on TV. I think it is fair to say that even if you believe in very strict gun control legislation and is on the gun control side, taking away guns or eliminating the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) completely will not change the problem we have in America. In my opinion I'm an anti-gun voter but taking away the right will not be right. The problem with guns is the people having a hold of them. There are people that have just recently got out of insane or mental asylums and they pass a background check, they get an assault weapon and go on a killing spree and the truth s that "anyone that has the intention on killing is going to kill the means of how this is done don't matter nearly as much as the ends". I think there is a very slim chance if gun control takes guns away that it will still work. America has already had something like it a few times and each time it has failed. Remember the Prohibition? Remember the last significant federal gun law that was 1994's Assault Weapons Ban it expired in 2004. Also during that weapons ban Columbine took place so that means if a person wants to be violent they will they don't care about if you try to ban guns. Guns do NOT kill people. People kill people! A gun is merely just a tool to accomplish this end just as another weapon like an ax, a hammer, a knife, baseball bat or whatever



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