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Gun Control in America

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Essay Preview: Gun Control in America

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Gun control in America is a growing concern across the country; every year there is a growing amount of deaths resulting from misusage of guns from: lack of training, storage, and availability to own a gun for committing act of violence and crimes continue to grow. Owning a gun comes with a great responsibility, therefore; before owing a gun a person must commit to a training class and obtain a gun permit by completing a firearm safety program. These programs are designed to give a prospective gun owner an insight of gun ownership, law requirements, training in how and when to use a gun, but primarly the risk in owning a gun. Attending a safety gun program is not sufficient; shooting practice is as equal as learning about gun ownership. A shooting range provides a sense of how a loaded gun needs to be handled and a sense to the person on how to fire a gun correctly. Unable to shoot properly or the right direction can lead to accidental death of innocent people. Knowing the proper place for storage is as important as part of the training. According to Jeff Siegel (2004)

The first rule of firearm safety is a simple as it is important, knowing you have a weapon

In the house, and act accordingly. That means keeping the weapon secured and where no

One can get at it who is not supposed to. After all, how often are you going to hunt deer

or shoot targets in your home.

Proper gun storage is at most critical when there are other members around the home, keeping the gun secure and in a lock container, or a lock room must not be neglected. "kids want to do something, they will find the way. They will find the way to gain access to your locked case by finding the key, ect.". (Dionne, 2008).. proper storing and locking and as recommended by National Rifle Association to use safety devices attached to gun to prevent accidents among children. People struggling in this recession have a hard time finding a positive way to resolve personal problems, and owning a gun allured those people to take a negative approach by using their guns to commit crimes or commit acts of violence. Every now and then, the news will report some sort of violence act or crime where gun usage involved. Gun control is an absolute necessary, and constant monitoring on those who own a gun must be accomplished to prevent the misusage of guns.


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