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Hans Zimmer Case

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Hans Zimmer was born in Frankfurt, Germany in September 12, 1957. As a child, he began playing piano since he was three years old. Although he was receiving piano lessons, he quickly became uninterested after only two weeks of piano lessons. Even more astounding he decided to become a composer at age six. His father died when he was six and that is when he decided to become serious about music, because it was his refuge as he quotes, "It was my way of calming the demons in me or at the same time sometimes letting them roar, letting them rip, letting the monster out and seeing that it wasn't so scary being able to look it in the eye," (International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers 2).

His family has been moving all over Europe until finally they have settled in London. He was fourteen years old at the time (Contemporary Musicians 2). Throughout his childhood, he has been expelled by many different schools because he preferred to study music over his schoolwork. His music career started when he finished his schooling. He started by writing jingles or commercials and by playing in rock bands, "In 1979, Zimmer, along with Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes, put together a band called the Buggles," (Contemporary Musicians 3). The Buggles recorded the album, "The Age Of Plastic," which contains their greatest hit Video killed The Radio Star. The song's music video was actually the first video to appear on MTV. Although the band was becoming very successful, Zimmer did not enjoy the recording process with the Buggles, because he was not happy with just playing with only one type of style of music. "I used to be in a band, but that got to be boring," Zimmer later recalled to David Kohner Zuckerman in Brtnwd magazine. "Now I have bigger bands for shorter periods of time," (Contempoary Musicians 3).

He left the Buggles, and he decides to start a new type of music which is film score. He started working for the composer Stanley Myers who began to teach him more



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